Working principle of CQ magnetic drive circulating pump

1、 CQ series magnetic drive pump product introduction

CQ magnetic drive pump is a type of pump that utilizes the working principle of permanent magnet couplings to transmit torque without contact. When the prime mover drives the outer magnetic steel rotor, the magnetic field drives the inner magnetic steel rotor to rotate synchronously, and the inner magnetic steel rotor is connected to the impeller to achieve the purpose of non-contact driving the impeller to rotate. Due to the liquid being enclosed in a stationary isolation sleeve, the magnetic pump is a fully enclosed and leak free pump type, completely eliminating the inevitable problems of running, emitting, dripping, and leaking in mechanical sealed centrifugal pumps.

Magnetic drive pumps are widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics. More and more factories require a leak free process environment for the medium they transport, and there is an urgent need to choose an ideal pump type. The CQ series magnetic drive pumps absorb the production technology, materials, and processes of magnetic pumps at the internal and external levels of G, successfully solving the technical problems of easy damage to the isolation sleeve, impeller, and other components of the G internal magnetic pump. The CQB, IMD, CQ, and CQF series magnetic pumps have undergone long-term production and continuous operation tests by their users, and more and more users are convinced that they have chosen a safe and reliable pump type.

Magnetic Drive Pump - Working Principle of Magnetic Drive Circulating Pump

2、 Main materials and applications of CQ series magnetic drive pumps

The magnetic drive pump has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation, and convenient use and maintenance. This magnetic drive pump can be widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, electroplating, dyes, chemical engineering, G-prevention, scientific research institutions and other units to pump and transport rare and precious liquids, toxic liquids, volatile liquids, as well as supporting circulating water equipment and filters. Especially for the pumping of flammable, explosive, and leaky liquids. Choosing this pump for explosion-proof motors is more ideal equipment.