What is the difference between a reaction kettle and a stirring tank?

Many customers confuse reaction tanks and stirring tanks, but in reality, there is no clear boundary point between these two types of equipment because reaction tanks can also be called stirring tanks, and some stirring tanks can also be called reaction tanks. The reaction kettle and stirring tank are both containers used for stirring and mixing. The structure of the reaction kettle is designed as a closed type, while the stirring tank can be designed as an open lid tank or a closed form tank.

The difference between a stirring tank and a reactor.

1 Structure. The upper cover of the reaction kettle is a head structure or conical structure; The upper cover of the mixing tank can be a flat cover structure or a head structure.

2 Sealing. The sealing performance of the reactor is high, requiring the use of mechanical seals; The seal of the mixing tank shall be made into a mechanical seal or a packing seal according to the requirements.

3 Costs. The structure of the reactor is relatively complex and the cost is high; The structure of the mixing tank is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low.

4. Operation observation. The reaction kettle requires accessories such as mirrors, pressure gauges, and liquid level gauges to assist in observing the material condition inside the tank; The open lid mixing tank can observe the material condition in the tank as long as the lid or population is opened.

The shape and structure of the reaction kettle and stirring tank are similar, both of which can heat, stir, and insulate materials. The installation method is the same, and both can be used for mixing liquid and liquid solid on the production line. There are many types of stainless steel mixing tanks, including single-layer mixing tanks, double-layer mixing tanks, insulation mixing tanks, vacuum type mixing tanks, and pressure type mixing tanks. Reaction tanks mostly refer to tanks that need to be vacuumed or operated under a certain pressure, so reaction tanks can also be a type of mixing tank.