BCZ Chemical Pump
BCZ Chemical Pump


Product Overview

BCZ series standard chemical pumps are horizontal, single stage, and single suction centrifugal pumps; Its size and performance comply with the DIN24256/ISO2858 standard.

The performance range of the BCZ series standard chemical pump includes all the performance of the series standard chemical pump, and its efficiency, cavitation performance, and other indicators exceed those of the IH type pump.



Conveying low-temperature or high-temperature liquids; Neutral or corrosive liquid; Clean or liquid containing solid particles. Especially suitable for: petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry, paper mills and pulp industry, sugar industry, coating industry (degreasing, phosphating, electrophoresis and other processes), food, pharmaceuticals, alloy fibers, environmental engineering, etc.

Design Features

The pressure acting on the shaft seal is balanced by the balance hole on the back blade or impeller. The shaft seal can adopt various single and double end face unbalanced mechanical seals with different structures. Ball bearings are durable and have ample shaft diameter to ensure smooth operation. Some specifications of the pump body are designed as double screw shells to balance radial forces. The bearing frame, including the shaft, impeller, stuffing box, etc., forms a combined component, so that the pump body does not need to be removed from the pipeline during maintenance (if an extended coupling is used, the motor also does not need to be removed). The flange design adopts two types: PN6 and PN25 (based on material differences).

Transport medium

Inorganic and organic acids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and phosphoric acid at various temperatures and concentrations

Alkaline solutions such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate at various temperatures and concentrations.

Various salt solutions.

Various liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds, and other corrosive raw materials and products.

At present, our company's corrosion-resistant materials can meet the requirements of various media mentioned above. When placing an order, please provide the user with detailed information on the medium to be transported.

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